For Whom Would You be Willing to Die?

In Romans 5:7 Paul challenges our thinking and suggests that for “a righteous man” that scarcely any would be willing to die, but perhaps for “a good man”, some may be daring enough to die.

Peace with God or Peace of God

Paul tells us in Romans 5:1 that for those who been justified by faith, that is they have received a right standing before God, “have peace with God.” As a result, we have the future hope (or assurance) of sharing in God’s glory.

The Day God Phoned

God can change anyone, even transforming the heart of a militant atheist like George. Here’s his amazing story.

One small word

Romans 5:1 begins with a single word, “Therefore…” It’s a word that’s easy to overlook. But it’s incredibly significant. Whenever the Bible uses the word “therefore” we need to pay careful attention to what has been said previously because it lays the foundation for principles to follow. Let’s take a moment and review what Paul […]