One small word

Romans 5:1 begins with a single word, “Therefore…”

It’s a word that’s easy to overlook. But it’s incredibly significant. Whenever the Bible uses the word “therefore” we need to pay careful attention to what has been said previously because it lays the foundation for principles to follow. Let’s take a moment and review what Paul has been teaching:

  1. Man is a sinner;
  2. God provides righteousness for sinners;
  3. The concept of justification by faith;
  4. Two examples from the Old Testament — Abraham and David.

In Romans 4, Paul demonstrated Abraham and David were the same — justified by their faith — despite the fact Abraham lived before Mosaic Law was given. The Law was a pedagogue (a schoolteacher or educator) — it took man and led him toward Jesus Christ. Paul then explained: It is the same righteousness of Abraham and David — labeled justification by faith — that is credited to us when we believe and have faith in Jesus.

With this foundation firmly laid, Paul will now move forward.

All too often — we receive instruction, become inspired for a moment, and then move on — without fully understanding how scripture fits together. The word “therefore” is like the Holy Spirit saying: “Don’t be in such a rush. Take a moment and review what’s been said to this point — what comes next is important — but you’ll only understand it if you remember what I’ve already said.” Do that now. Review what God has previously said through the Apostle Paul’s words.

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