Peace with God or Peace of God

It seems every day we are hearing about more countries where people are rising up in protest against a regime demanding freedom from tyranny. Canada is a peaceful country and as Canadians we are known for our peacekeeping missions around the world. But when we take a closer look at those around us, are they at peace? Are you at peace? If not, why not and is it possible to have peace in this world?

Paul tells us in Romans 5:1 that for those who been justified by faith, that is they have received a right standing before God, “have peace with God.” It is stated as an objective fact—not as an objective sense or feeling that comes and goes. This “peace with God” is possible through the Lord Jesus Christ because His sacrifice removed the barrier of sin between God and us for those who will accept that by faith. As a result of “peace with God” we have the future hope (or assurance) of sharing in God’s glory.

Paul goes on to tell us that beyond the joy of future glory that we can “rejoice in our sufferings” (verse 3) in the present. How is that possible? It is possible because we are confident of our future, but we also are told that God will use the trials in our lives to bring about endurance, and endurance will produce character that is proven under pressure, and that character results in more hope, and where there is hope there is no shame but rather God’s love.

All of this is possible because when we are justified by faith, we also receive God’s Spirit who comes alongside to help us. He is also the down payment of our future glory. We know we will never be abandoned. What we find then is that because we have “peace with God” through Jesus, that we can have the “peace of God” in the midst of any circumstance but we can’t have the “peace of God” without being at “peace with God.”

Do a personal inventory and simply ask these two things: Am I at peace with God? And if not, receive that by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Secondly, if you have been justified by faith, are you experiencing the peace of God? If not, ask His Spirit to cleanse you and fill you with His presence in the middle of whatever situation you may find yourself.

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