For Whom Would You be Willing to Die?

When you consider the people that you know, are there any for whom you would be willing to die? Maybe you would be willing for your spouse or your children and maybe even for some other family members, but when it comes down to others, do you think you could make that hard choice and put your life on the line?

In Romans 5:7 Paul challenges our thinking and suggests that for “a righteous man” that scarcely any would be willing to die, but perhaps for “a good man”, some may be daring enough to die. By “a righteous man” Paul is referring to those who does what one ought to do and gives everyone his due. “A good man” on the other hand is benevolent, kind, and generous. He does as much as he possibly can, proving his moral quality by promoting the well‐being of those with whom he is dealing.

A sacrifice for either of these would be considered noble but Paul compares this human perspective with the sacrifice of Jesus. The Father sent His Son to die for the sins of the world, but not because we were righteous or good, but rather while we were weak and unable to help ourselves (Rom. 5:6). Paul further describes our human condition without Jesus as “sinners” (v.8) and even “enemies” (v.9).

Imagine that, while we were enemies of God, the Father sent the Son to die for our sins so that we could be reconciled to God through Jesus’ blood. Because of their love for us, the Father turned His back on the Son as He hung on the cross; Jesus bearing the shame and punishment of our sin and being forsaken by His Father.
Because of this, instead of carrying guilt and shame, we are able to know and enjoy forgiveness, hope and joy, but this is only possible when we receive that gift by faith in what Jesus has done for us. Have you received that gift?

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