Til Death Do Us Part

We have commonly heard this as a part of wedding vows but it is also a significant spiritual truth. In Romans 7:1–6 Paul uses the marriage covenant as an illustration of a spiritual principle that is vital in one’s Christian experience.

Whose slave are you?

Everyone is a slave to something. In some cases, the enslavement is more obvious than others. It’s easy to think of addictions such as drugs, alcohol, or eating‐disorders, but others are less obvious. The Apostle Paul says we are all slaves of one of two things: either sin which leads to shame and death or obedience which leads to righteousness and life. So what does it look like to be a slave of God?

Living in the past, present, and future

Some people live their lives in the past, either reminiscing about “the good ol’ days” or burdened some event or hurt that keeps them from being able to move forward. Others live in the future, always hoping for something better and dreaming about a better life, but unable to enjoy the present. Some just live “in the moment.” The apostle Paul gave us instructions on where we should live.

It’s not fair!

When we look at the biblical account of sin entering world, we may feel inclined to say, “It’s not fair!” because we are stuck with the consequences of Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden. Why do I have to pay for his mistake? Here’s the biblical perspective on this, from Romans 5.