Church Governance

This page includes information on our Governance structure.

Governance Teams:


  • Reg Dyck (Elder Board Chair)
  • Peter Barrett
  • Bill Bonikowsky
  • Scott Barrett
  • Email the Elders

Lead Team


  • Reg Dyck (Deacon Board Chair)
  • Kerry Dyck (Deacon of Children and Families)
  • Tim Greenway (Deacon of Property Management)
  • Julie Barrett (Deacon of Finance)
  • Rick Jobling (Deacon of Congregational Services)
  • Peter Deutsch (Deacon of Missions, Outreach and Evangelism)
  • Vacant (Deacon of Worship and Communication)
  • Dean Neibel (Deacon at Large and Vice Chair)
  • Gary Drouillard (Deacon of Adult Ministries)
  • Email the Deacons