Core Values

Prayer and Worship

We live life in conversation with and allegiance to God

We aspire to live our lives with prayerful dependence and a posture of worship, removing the barriers to God’s presence and blessing in our community.

Spiritual Growth

We pursue spiritual development

We seek to be closer to Christ and more like him and believe that such growth happens as we take spiritual initiative in one another’s lives, learn to see life from God’s perspective, ground ourselves in God’s Word, and thirst expectantly for his Spirit.


We build community by serving together

We are striving to make time in our busy lives to develop loving relationships characterized by honesty, intimacy, accountability, celebration, and a shared passion for Christ. We recognise that such relationships are best built as we cooperate together toward fulfilling our common purpose.


We put people before programs

We believe that Christ demonstrated two important principles of ministry:

  1. all people should be treated equally and
  2. at its heart, ministry is the personal impact one person has on another.

Therefore, we seek to disciple, equip, and mentor all of God’s people toward maturity in Christ and fruitful ministry using the unique gifts God has given them.


We meet people where they’re at

We believe that Christ left behind all the comforts of heaven to come down and meet us in the pain and messiness of our situation. We seek to imitate this example by using both creative programs and personal relationships to communicate the gospel message of Christ in ways which are relevant to today’s North Delta/Surrey culture(s) and which recognize the needs of the whole person.


We partner with Christians of other cultures

We are seeking to become global Christians — sharing the message of Christ in other cultures in the Lower Mainland and around the world by cultivating and sending missionaries out from our church and by developing meaningful partnerships with cross‐cultural missionaries as well as local churches and believers who are already present in those cultures.