NDEFC enjoys a high level of involvement by the church membership. As a church body, we recognize the importance of working together to bless one another and our communities through service. There are many needs and many places to apply your special skills and gifts.

Music and Worship

This Ministry is always looking for people interested in developing skill in the following areas:

  • Computer media presentation for Sunday Morning Services & other events
  • Sound technicians to set up sound equipment, etc.
  • Special music for Sunday mornings or special events/occasions
  • Sharing testimonies
  • Reading scripture
  • Singing and/or playing instruments on our worship teams

Congregational Services

Congregational Services include:

  • Church library for all ages, featuring books, DVD’s and more
  • Website
  • Spreading “Sunshine” through meals, flowers and cards
  • Friendship Team” social events, including barbeques and special programs
  • Coffee Service on Sundays
  • Family Retreat every two years
  • Congregational involvement in North Delta ventures
  • Adult volunteer opportunities throughout the year