Church Updates — COVID‐19 Info

COVID‐19 UPDATE from NDEFC/Northside Community Church Leadership:

As a response to the ongoing and rapidly evolving guidelines from the BC government and health officials, our church leadership has been prayerfully considering our gatherings together. We took some time to inquire of other local churches, as well as others within our denomination, both under and over the restrictions of 250 people. The Fort Langley Evangelical Free Church leadership offered insight that particularly resonated with us:

The “letter of the law” would tell us that we will be okay with under 250 people, but the FLEFC leadership believe that the spirit of the law is most important: protecting vulnerable people and minimizing chances of COVID‐19 transmission.”

In light of current developments, therefore, at this time we are making the difficult decision to suspend our regular Sunday gatherings through the next three (3) Sundays at a minimum. We will be meeting as leaders and relaying more information to you as we have it. Community Groups and other smaller ministry leaders can make decisions at their discretion, but we are all encouraged to be mindful of others should any of us feel under the weather, and comply with self‐isolation requirements due to travel or exposure.

This is not a decision made lightly or out of fear, but rather in sacrificial love as we collectively seek to minimize risk to the vulnerable members within our body. Let us continue to pray for each other, and reach out to our brothers and sisters to make sure we support and care for each other as need arises.

For those of you who would be prevented from your regular giving as a result of not gathering, we offer online giving as an alternative means of continuing to support the ministries that rely on your regular contributions:

Recommendations for this Sunday morning:
Since it is the case that WE are the church, no building and no Sunday service is required in order to interact with, hear from, and enjoy the presence of Jesus. Therefore, this Sunday morning we encourage you to meet with Jesus as you engage some type of restorative activity: through time with friends, neighbors, community groups, families…through getting outside into His beautiful creation…through sharing a meal with others… or perhaps spending some time in silence and solitude. Whatever you end up doing, we encourage you to choose something that fosters a restored soul.

For those of you who are looking for some edification by way of teaching, we recommend the following sermon from Westside Church on the topic of our formation into the likeness of Christ through the spiritual disciplines: If you choose to listen this sermon, we encourage you to do so with others (perhaps your community group) and process the teaching together.

As we temporarily pause our Sunday morning gatherings, may this be an opportunity for God to catch our attention in fresh ways through the disruption of our deeply ingrained routines.

Those who look to Him are RADIANT! –David

Grace and Peace to you,
The Leadership of Northside Community Church