When you come to NDEFC on a Sunday morning, we believe hope that you’ll experience a little bit of heaven here on earth. Our desire is to provide every person with the opportunity to worship God in a way that is meaningful to them. To that end, we enjoy a blended worship format which uses many contemporary songs as well as some hymns.

Our worship teams consist primarily of youth and young adults which brings a wonderful energy that’s truly contagious, but as an intergenerational church, you will find that we like to sing and the level of participation is significant.

As well as the singing, we also enjoy solid biblical preaching. The worship does not end with the service, however, as most people linger afterwards to continue to bring honour to God by connecting with one another over a cup of tea or coffee. Since the children are still in SonQuest during this time, it’s also an excellent opportunity for the parents of those children to connect with other adults without the little ones constantly tugging at their sleeves.

Please join us anytime to experience this Jesus‐focused, warm and friendly worship environment.